El Salvador Church

Project description

In the design of the Church of El Salvador, the architects made use of light to express and show to the mind things that escape the physical, and this is a fundamental aspect to consider in a religious building.

In sacred architecture, light is used to provoke feelings and affirm sacredness. In this sense, iroko wood lattices were used to filter and disperse the light in the space; through them, colours are attenuated, and contours are blended, creating a setting that gives the viewer peace of mind and body. On the other hand, the lattices are in themselves a decorative element that not only embellish, but also provide privacy, so that the people inside can see without being seen.


Architectural firm: LECETA ARQUITECTOS

Architect/Interior/Interior Designer: Alfredo Leceta Fernández

Location: Guadalajara

Date: 2009-2013

Proov Mat.: SIERO LAM

Products used