Terms and conditions of sale


We ask you to provide the following information when placing your order:

Company name, address, CIF and bank details; telephone and fax number; place of delivery of the goods if different from the usual place; loading/unloading times, closing days, if you have a forklift to unload, and any other information that may be useful in relation to loading/unloading limitations.

In the order form or quotation, please indicate the desired delivery date, avoiding ambiguous phrases or words (urgent, as soon as possible, …); also the article and the type of wood desired and the use of the final product (interior, exterior, etc…); dimensions and quantities, indicating all types of useful information such as final dimensions, etc…

We also ask you to specify any requirements or limitations, such as load capacity or dimensions of the forklift, platforms, rack, etc…



We are PEFC and FSC certified. Please indicate in the order if you want certified goods.



Order confirmations must be signed by the customer and sent to our office by fax or e-mail. The ordered products will not be manufactured until we receive the signed order confirmation with the stamp of the purchasing company. Without the signature, the selling company will not assume any obligation in relation to them.


The delivery times are given as an indication. Siero Lam will not be held responsible in case of shipment of the goods after the established date. Standard products are in stock, and except in case of sale of the stock, the delivery can be immediate; for custom orders the delivery time will depend on the type of article and/or wood.

A quantity variation of + 5% on any requested quantity is tolerated. For all products in our range, the dimensions are summarised in our current catalogues and price lists. The request of products in different lengths or sections is not foreseen and therefore does not compromise the seller unless agreed. Some products are only manufactured to order and from a certain variable minimum quantity.

Delay or lack of part of the goods at the time of delivery cannot be a reason for complaint, nor can it give rise to suspension of payment or discount on the agreed price. The seller retains the right to deliver + 5% of the ordered material. In case of major problems, appropriate arrangements will be made during the execution of the order.

At the time of delivery, all packages must be checked for quality. In case of disputes, complaints must be made on the day of receipt of the goods by telephone or fax and must be noted on the delivery note, which the customer must sign and return to the selling company with the company’s stamp. All other complaints must be communicated to the seller within 8 days of receipt of the goods. In any case, no claim for quality defect will be accepted if the payment of the goods has not been made. Complaints only compromise the seller with the value of the goods and these will be exchanged or compensated with a credit note as the case may be. It will be the customer’s obligation to keep the goods correctly until an agreement is reached. In any case, products that are transformed or damaged will not be changed or refunded.

The seller shall not be liable for deformations or other inconveniences due to humidity or poor preservation or storage of the goods as well as materials already installed on site.

The quality of the goods is always relative to the type of the different products and wood species. The basic qualities are those mentioned in the technical sheets and price lists. Any special conditions may be indicated on the order confirmation document.

The seller shall not be held responsible for any problems related to varnishing, colour variations, deformations and other inconveniences caused by poor storage of the goods, poor processing, operating in excessively humid or dry areas or if the site where the final work is carried out is not finished. The goods must be stored in a place where there are no variations in humidity or temperature and far from sources of heat and draughts. The customer shall be responsible for any damage caused by improper storage or negligence.



The goods are understood to be transferred under conditions subject to their payment.

The terms of payment shall begin to run from the date of the invoice.

In the event of non-payment, the seller is entitled to charge financial interest associated with the vesting and delay in payment, at the interest rate applicable at the time. The seller reserves the right to terminate the purchase contract if he detects an unpaid or partial payment by the buyer and if the entries are changed in form or name by the buyer.

The signatory of the order will also be responsible for the payment even if the order is for a third person. Taxes are also the responsibility of the buyer.

For all matters relating to the purchase contract both parties expressly submit to the Courts of Siero or Oviedo (Asturias, Spain), at the choice of the claimant, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by law.



The manufacture of each product is carried out in accordance with the ISO standards that regulate it; the permitted dimensional tolerances as well as the moisture content of each species are specified in these standards.

The standard quality is specific for each type of product. Also, some characteristics typical of certain wood species may be present as well as some manufacturing imperfections specific to raw wood; all this within the framework of commercial standards without compromising the use of the product at any time.

For more information, please ask for the technical data sheets of each product or consult our web page.



Glued laminated wood is a solid wood and as such, it reacts to variations in humidity and temperature, which can change its shape or dimensions and can bend.

From the manufacturing process to the delivery of the material to the customer, we pay great attention to this aspect. All our warehouses are properly air-conditioned and the packages are well protected with polyethylene stretch film.

Our recommendations :

  • Store the panels and tiles in a closed area with adequate air-conditioning and always under cover.
  • If the storage or processing area presents variations in temperature and/or humidity, it is advisable to move the material at least 48 hours before starting to use it.
  • Goods longer than 2000mm must have at least 3 support points.
  • Do not store the material vertically, leaning against a wall, etc.
  • It is necessary to apply a finish to all sides of the panel. If the finish is applied to only one side, the other side will reject moisture, causing the panel to increase or decrease in size and the panel will bend to a greater or lesser extent.
  • Avoid placing panels near sources of heat or moisture, or placing excessively hot objects on them, as this may cause colour loss.
  • In the particular case of oak and chestnut, before the final finish (varnish, oil, …), an anti-tanin should be applied to prevent it from coming out on the surface in case of contact with water.