Bulk sale of pellets and firewood

From the first section of the logs received at the sawmill, those that are not suitable for sawing are discarded and used for the production of firewood.

Dry wood pellets are the ideal fuel for boilers, cookers and wood-burning cookers, as they are obtained from the processing of kiln-dried wood (10-12%) and therefore have a high calorific value.

The rest of the by-products are crushed and transformed into pellets.

Pellets and firewood
Types of biomass
Firewood for fireplaces
Fireplace wood from oak, beech, sweet chestnut and others:

Air-dried for a better use of the calorific value of the wood. It is sold in 25 and 33cm lengths, either in big bags or in bulk.

Fireplace wood from oak, beech, sweet chestnut and others
Dry firewood KD for boilers, cookers and kitchens

Dry wood blocks from kiln-dried wood at 10-12%, which guarantees high calorific value.

Sweet chestnut pellets
Sweet chestnut pellets

Manufactured from sweet chestnut remains, they comply with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 17225-2 CLASS A1 standard; a natural fuel that is easy to store, transport and dose, which can be used for manual or automatic loading of cookers and boilers.