Wood is the most ecological material that exists, as long as the use of wood is carried out in accordance with sustainability criteria that guarantee the survival of the forest, wood is the most ecological material that exists. In other words, when we use wood, we are promoting the maintenance and growth of forests, while at the same time reducing the greenhouse effect. The standardisation and quality management of wood products makes it possible to extend the range of applications and to do so more safely.

social and environmental role

The sweet chestnut tree, the most abundant native forest species in Asturian forests, is a strategic value in the sustainable development of our region. The sustainable use of this endogenous resource contributes to the conservation of the Asturian forests, which, in addition to their scenic beauty, enrich the soils, flora and fauna of Asturias.

In addition, forests offer a wide range of social and economic advantages, as they help to generate direct and indirect jobs in the regions where they grow (rural areas) and also the benefits generated by the processing and marketing of forest products.