Wooden cladding

Wooden cladding

Wood is a natural, ecological, recyclable material with excellent insulating properties, which also offers many technical and creative possibilities.

The choice of wood species is key to the performance and longevity of the façade. Sweet chestnut wood has two important properties to consider: natural durability and dimensional stability.

The thermal inertia of wood (the ability to store incoming thermal energy, conserve it and release it progressively) makes it possible to regulate the temperature inside buildings, and to save energy by reducing the need for cooling and heating.

A wooden facade can be left natural, in which case the wood will be progressively greyed due to UV oxidation until it reaches silver grey (only valid for durable natural woods such as sweet chestnut) or a finish (lasur or oil) can be applied.

Available woods and dimensions
Sweet Chestnutup to 6000100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 16021, 34
Types of cladding
  • Ventilated board by board or as a whole
  • Vertically or horizontally oriented
  • Variety of profiles and thicknesses
  • Different fastening systems (screwed or stapled)
wooden cladding
wooden cladding F6
Model F6
wooden cladding F3
Model F3
wooden cladding F2
Model F2
wooden cladding F5
Model F5
wooden cladding f2 type
wooden cladding f6 type
wooden cladding f3 type
wooden cladding f8 type
wooden cladding f4 type
wooden cladding f9 type
wooden cladding f5 type
wooden cladding f10 type
Technical properties of the product
Glue type


MUF, type 1 according to EN301



Class E1 in accordance with UNE EN 13986

Moisture content


10 ± 2%