Posts and fencing
Posts and stakes

Sweet chestnut posts and stakes, option of peeled and pointed, ecological alternative to treated posts thanks to their natural durability.

Pellets and firewood
Pellets and firewood

Sweet chestnut wood pellets, oak wood and others. Available in different formats.

laminated beams
Glulam beams

The most suitable structural elements for timber construction due to their dimensional stability and strength. Available in sweet chestnut, iroko and spruce.

Scantling DKD or C1 scantling

Three or more solid lamellas glued together until reaching the required thickness; standard lengths from 600 to 4500mm or 5100mm , depending on the wood species.

OSB panels

Wood chipboard, with waterproof properties, tongue and groove 4-sided and approved for structural use.

Tongue-and-groove chipboard panels
Waterproof chipboards

Particleboard with humidity resistance, tongue and groove 4-sided and suitable for structural use.

Unique pieces
Table top – Unique pieces

Each top is unique, no two are the same, and the wide variety of pieces available allows you to select the one that best fits your lifestyle and décor.