Terraced single-family home in Bouzas (Vigo – Northern Spain)

Project description

The use of chestnut wood in interiors is increasingly common, as we can see in this single-family home in Bouzas (Galicia). It allows for the creation of functional, comfortable, and welcoming spaces. In any interior, functionality and comfortable, welcoming spaces are essential.

Moreover, they have incorporated wood as a structural element with chestnut beams, creating perfect harmony alongside the natural flooring, staircase, and platform. Undoubtedly, the best decision to enhance spaces is to use natural wood.

Chestnut wood reconnects with nature through its kindness and warmth, extending the exterior natural feel into the interior. It is very stable, thanks to its low coefficients of volumetric contraction. This characteristic is crucial when wood is subjected to changes in humidity and temperature.


Location: Vigo (Pontevedra)

Products used