Single-family home in Vigo (Galicia – Northern Spain)

Project description

In this residence, the emphasis has been placed on the importance of ceilings with solid chestnut beams. The beams serve a dual function, both structural and decorative. Ceiling beams define the spaces, acting as integrating elements between the floor and the ceiling. They create harmony and bring together all the elements.

These beams have the ability to generate diverse atmospheres—contemporary, rustic, industrial— with a sleek and clean design. In this case, they integrate very harmoniously with the stone.

The incorporation of wood in the bathroom also creates a very relaxing space that exudes tranquility. Natural wood, combined with neutral tones such as raw hues, establishes timeless and minimalist environments.


Architecture Studio: Ansede Quintans

Location: Vigo (Pontevedra)

Products used