Homerton College

Project description
The ‘Homerton College Dining Hall‘ at the University of Cambridge has been awarded the best new timber building in the UK in 2022, at the Wood Awards. This impressive dining hall has been constructed using laminated beams made of chestnut wood, which has captivated the jury of these prestigious British awards. The space created is cozy, elegant, and impressive, thanks to the skillful use of chestnut wood. The awards have recognized the effort to preserve the natural beauty of this material throughout the design. During the day, the dining hall offers a bright, spacious, and efficient environment, but as night falls, it transforms into an impressive ceremonial stage. The wooden structure of the dining hall is remarkable, as it lacks interrupted supports, allowing for a wide, open space inside. This feature has surprised both construction professionals and educators, as well as students. The construction of the dining hall has successfully combined the traditional elegance of old college dining halls with the compression resistance of wood, creating an outstanding architectural work that pays tribute to aesthetics and tradition while showcasing the potential of wood as a structural material.

Architecture Firm: Feilden Fowles

Wood Supplier in the UK: Constructional Timber

Location: University of Cambridge

Date: 2022

Products used