Project description

This project consists of the rehabilitation and extension of the spinning mill known as Maison Rouge to house the Museum of the Cévennes Valleys. In this project, the architects of Vurpas Architects faced the dual challenge of preserving the vestiges of its industrial past and creating a functional space for the museum’s activities.

Drawing inspiration from the terroir, history, nature, trees, the built landscape and the people, they have achieved a contemporary interpretation of their vernacular architecture. The north and south façades are formed by a wood and metal frame and large windows, framing the garden landscape. The lattice-like sweet chestnut wood facade acts as a sunshade. The use of chestnut wood was a clear choice in an environment where this tree has been the livelihood of families for many generations.


Architectural firm:

Architect/Interior Designer/Designer:

Location: Saint-Jean-du-Gard, 30270 France

Date: 2017

Proov Mat.: SL

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